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There is of course, this attraction and desire to just be done with this LJ account, in a simple delete action. This thing has been with me for ages, I haven't posted in ages and I haven't been a regular blogger for even longer.

And now, the very few blogs on LJ that were still active and I would follow with keen interest have also either gone silent or have started stuttering.

The decline of online communities that once thrived and then went out of fashion due to the new kid on the block or just plan mismanagement is a very poignant slow moving train wreck indeed.

And sometimes, I go back to read old posts, mine and those by others - and feel that strange sense of voyeurism. I have changed and those other bloggers whose old posts I read have also changed. Those others have forgotten that they once wrote here and have moved on to different avenues and to becoming completely different people altogether. But, I can still peek in on their stale past. Slightly perverted, slightly voyeuristic, somewhat painfully pleasurable.